Welcome To Window Origami™ Curtains September 10 2014

Window Origami™ Curtains are the only patented window treatment that uses the same fabric panels to create endless design options. There is no sewing involved.

Create a custom look at a readymade price and have the option to change the design at anytime instantly. Never tire of your window treatment again!

The Story

About nine years ago, I redecorated my son’s bedroom and needed new window treatments. I had envisioned a simple roman shade, but a custom roman shade would have cost hundreds of dollars! This led me to shop for a ready–made window treatment, but nothing appealed to me. I temporally applied a large beach towel to the window and each day I would arrange the towel differently. This is how the concept began to take shape. To further complicate things, I am unable to sew a stitch, so I actually glued my first prototype together, but it worked! I then had other prototypes sewn for me, and I continued to experiment with various designs. Each time my friends would come over they would see a different design. However, I couldn't remember how I created each unique design. That is when I devised a system that would allow me to keep track of the various configurations. I flagged the holes with a number and the hooks with a letter. Creating the designs then became an enjoyable process almost like playing bingo! Window Origami™ continued to evolve into a truly unique product.  

Getting this product on the market has been a long journey with many ups and downs.There were many times I almost gave up! In 2010, I was featured on the reality TV show, Homemade Millionaire with Kelly Ripa.  On the show, Good Housekeeping Institute reviewed my prototypes and I scored a 4.5 out of 5 for overall product and ease of use! Although I did not win the competition, I got great feedback. Hundreds of people took the time to write or comment on Facebook encouraging me not to give up and this encouragement gave me the push to complete this product.

I’m so happy to finally bring this product to you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Enjoy Your View!

Robyn Zimmer - creator of Window Origami™ Curtains